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Spotify recently introduced Spotify Codes (they are like QR Codes for your music). Now you can order them printed on high quality cards.

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About Spotify Codes

They are like QR Codes built in your Spotify app for easy sharing music with friends and fans. You just scan code and album starts playing.

Scardify - business cards for musicians!

We offer printed square cards with your album cover on one side and Spotify code on the other side. You can use these cards and give them to your fans directly or give a bunch of them to your friends, so they can promote your music.

Small size

Cards dimensions are about 6x6cm (2,5inch). They are small and portable. Perfect for having them always with you. 

High quality print

We work only with top notch printing houses and use only high quality materials.

Instruction on back side

On back side we placed simple guide how to use Spotify codes (step by step).

Start promoting your albums and singles today!

Spotify is currently the best place to share your music, build audience and be discovered. Our cards are great tool for promoting your music in person, everywhere you go. They're like business cards for musicians!

Delivery included
Packages from 250 to 2000 cards
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If your question is not listed below, just write us a message at:

  • How long takes delivery? 

    It depends on your country, but usually takes from 5 to 10 business days.

  • Can I order from any country in the world?

    Currently we ship to USA and European Union. If your country is located in different region, write us a message at before you place an order.

  • Do I need to have album on Spotify? 

    Yes, your album needs to be already published on Spotify.